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Proofing / Editing

Indulge me in folklore for a moment - ever heard of the country mouse, lost and overwhelmed in the noise of a complex landscape? City Mouse helped her feel at ease. That’s what I do. When social media seems over-complicated and ever-changing, I turn it to your advantage. Trust me to handle the hashtags and engage your audience. I promise you’ll feel at home in no time.

Behind every sale is a story. What’s my story? I work with words all day long, so I know how to use them, what makes them flow and what makes them flop. I craft copy that creates connection - I craft copy that sells.

Ever had that feeling of staring at a page for so long, you're not even sure if half your words are even words anymore? Been there. After working hard on a project, you deserve it to be perfect. As your proofreader, I can help iron out any creases to make sure that your work is the highest standard it can be.


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