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Your dreams should scare you. They should make you feel like a small mouse in a big city… but keeping up with your digital marketing shouldn’t.

City Mouse Media offers content creation, copy and content writing for artists and creatives. I do the words for you, so that you can get on with the work you love. With a background in performing arts and entertainment, my approach to writing and content creation is creative and accessible. I'm sick of seeing copywriting buzzwords and sales slogans – my work focuses on creating connection between you and your audience.



I started working in film when I was 18, and quickly realised that it wasn't the right environment for me. I loved the creativity and storytelling, but wasn't cut out for the pace of the industry, or how cold it could get on night shoots. Over the next few years I shifted into theatre, which is the industry I hope to work in until I retire. I love the sociable, collaborative, freeing nature of the work, the people it attracts and the diversity in London's theatre scene. 

I started to channel what I learnt in theatre into other creative passions - writing and content creation - and found my rhythm pretty quickly. In theatre it's all about the audience, and I take the same approach in my work for City Mouse Media. I want to make ambitious, exciting work, whilst always keeping people at the focus. I can't wait to discover what City Mouse Media can create for you. To borrow a much loved quote...

Don't Dream It - Be It.

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